Mourinho’s record that may not be broken by Pep and Klopp

Mourinho's record that may not be broken by Pep and Klopp

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A lot of managers had emerged in the English league in the time past with different footballing philosophy, some have manage their teams to either escape relegation or win the league and other domestic titles in the time past, but in the Premier league era

Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger cannot be forgotten, without a doubt Sir Alex Ferguson is the best manager in premier league era with alot of trophies won during his time as a Manchester United manager, followed by Arsene Wenger,the one often refers to as the professor.

But in 2004 a certain coach name Felix Dos Santos Jose Mourinho born in 1963 at setubal in Portugal announced himself to the game of football by leading a lesser known Fc Porto team to win the UEFA Champions league,after winning the Champions league he signed for Chelsea in 2004 ,and was quick to name himself the special one in the first interview that he granted to the English press.

2004/2005 season he took a Chelsea side that finish second a season before,to win the premier league, with some mouthwatering record that some teams like Manchester United team led by Alex Ferguson and , Manchester City side led by Pep and Liverpool side led by Klopp are struggling to break.

In the history of premier league era no team handled by any coach has manage to concede a few number of goals to win the league, except for Mourinho’s team with 15 goals conceded in the whole of the season and kept a record clean sheets of 25.No team manage by Pep and Klopp has ever done that,at the heart of the defence for the Chelsea team that held this unprecedented record was none other than John Terry and Ricardo Carvalho.

Judging by how difficult the premier league has become and how tricky the strikers have become and how goals seems to be the criteria for winning the best footballer awards,it will be difficult for any team manage by Pep and Klopp in the Premier league to concede fewer goals like Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea team of 2004/05 season did.

This record may end up not being broken by any Pep or Klopp team in the Premier league.

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