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Download Mp3: JEHOVAH IDI NMA by Misiano Joel



Download Mp3:  JEHOVAH IDI NMA by Misiano Joel

Misiano Joel, a song writer, revivalist, evangelist and gospel artiste with unique vocal strength, is releasing her much anticipated new single titled “Jehovah Idi Nma (Jehovah you are good). Jehovah Idi Nma” meaning –Jehovah you are good, with a danceable highlife beat as produced by Jude Joel is an indigenous praise/worship tune that expound the omnipotency and faithfulness of  God. The song is now available on all digital music platforms around the Globe.  



Chorus :

Jehovah Idi nma, aga m enye Gi ekene, (Jehovah You are good, I give You the praise) Nara ekene Gi, aga m enye Gi otito (Receive Your praise, I give You the glory ) Jehovah Idi m nma, Onye n’eme nma (Jehovah You are good to me, the One who does good) Nara ekene Gi. (Receive Your praise) Bia nu k’anyi jawa Chineke nma. ( Come let us praise the Lord) (Repeat Chorus)

Vers 1.

Odo nmiri Bethsaida le (The healing pool of Bethsaida)

Anyanwu ututu mo (My Bright and Morning Star) Mmalite n’ogwugwu me (My Provider in times of lack) Nara ekene Gi o…(Receve Your praise) Onwere onye yiri Gi (There’s nobody like You) Onwere onye dika Gi (Nobody can be like You) So so Gi Chim k’am ga n”efe (Only You will I ever worship) Nara ekene m oma (Receive my best praise) (Sing Chorus)

Vers 2.

Aka n’agworia le (The Hand that healeth all diseases) Nzu n’akpu nwa e. (The Clay that creates or moulds babies) K’ambulie Aha Gi elu (I lift Your name on high) Aha Gi di ebube ( Your name is glorious) Agam aja Gi nma si n’ebi ebi (I will praise from everlasting to everlasting) Agam Aja Gi nma ru mgbe ebi ebi o  (I will praise You till the ends of time) Idi agba onwe ewo ! (You never change) Nara ekene m oma (Receive my best praise) ( Sing Chorus)


Bia nu k’anyi jawa Chineke nma e (repeat) (Come, let us praise the Lord) Onye kere Igwe,  kere uwa bia nu jawa Ya ma (Maker of Heaven & Earth, come lets praise Him ) Odumegbo Judah anyi n’aja Gi nma e e (Lion of the tribe of Judah, we give You all the praise) Jawa Ya nma, Jawa Ya nma, Jawa Ya nma, jawa Ya nma (Praise Him..) 4x Hew ! Bia nu k’anyi jawa Chineke nma (Come let us praise the Lord) Ewo ! Aka n’agworia, n’eme nma (The Hand that healeth and does good ) Aka Jehovah le (the Hand of Jehovah) Onyeoma me…(The Good One) Onyeukwu me…(The Mighty One ) Madu nine jawa Jehovah e e e e (Everybody praise Jehovah ! )

******* Saxophone plays **********

Bia nu k’anyi Jawa Chineke ma (Come let us praise the Lord) You are bigger than the biggest Stronger than the strongest ewo o Mighty God, Awesome God Bia nu k’anyi jawa Chineke nma.. (Come let us praise the Lord)

connect with Misiano Joel:

My Social Media : Instagram : @misianojoel Twitter : @missyjoel

Facebook : Misiano Joel Facebook Music Business page is Misiano

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Download Music: CozzyMozzy ft Majorblingz – Who Know Man



Download Music: CozzyMozzy ft Majorblingz - Who Know Man

CozzyMozzy – Who Know Man

WKM ft CozzyMozzy (afropop_Messiah ) the “No_Guts_No_Glory’Crooner shows no Actom of Relaxing as He dises out another back to back Afro melodious heart Touching Record.
This Time around He Tearms up with an upcoming grateness from the middle north bhank @MajorBlingz khasted.

CozzyMozzy serves His melodious Voice that will get u Stocked Telling the world to get full watch of their back coz the enemies are stroger than the military Men at The War front.
He Title this jam WHo_Know_Man.WKM
(na him dey Kill a Man)
With a condolence vers consoiling all the families whom lost their love once at year 2020,Telling the world how though and hard the country was at year 2020
He made mention of a once living Legend “Rest in Peace “Mike_Tega” till we meet again.

The song was produce by:
Mix and mastered by :
thrive Odang.

Download from link below;


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Nigeria Fast Rising Artiste, Youngest is set to Release  his Long Anticipated Debut EP ”IJAYATHEVIPER

IJAYATHEVIPER which is in Yoruba Dialect means ( King Of Vipers)


Youngest Whose Real Names are Ojoma Chukwuemeka Oliver Hails from Enugu Nigeria, But Based in Lagos!

Stream & Download from link Below…


  1. Natasha M & M by Joe Dee
  2. MA BE ft Akinzee
  3. Idi Ofo 1

  4. Lamba Prod. by Jaye
  5. B 4 Me
  6. Ada ft Tresh


FB: youngest rahp

IG: youngest_rahp

TWITTER: youngest rahp

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[ALBUM] Martins Kpanaki – First Revelation



[ALBUM] Martins Kpanaki - First Revelation

Martins Kpanaki – First Revelation

Martins Kpanaki is Set to Unveil His Debut Album ”First Revelation”

First Revelation is an Album Birthed from the Inner Room [Praying & Meditating Gods Word]

Martins Kpanaki is also known to be the Founder of THE GOSPEL MESSENGERS (TGM)



1. My soul
2. Save Nigeria
3. Revelation


Lyrics for Save Nigeria

Oh oh God save Nigeria (*2)
It is not God’s will for us to perish
And it’s not His will for us to be backward,
But our iniquities has kept us where we are now,
Oh Lord please save Nigeria,
It is not his will we suffer poverty,
It is not his will we still be in crises,
But greed and selfishness has kept us where we are today,
Please God come save Nigeria,


For how long shall we keep calling,
Calling other nations for help,
When the very thing they are seeking for,
Is here with us to enjoy,
But the darkness in our hearts has blinded our eye and covered our minds from the way forward,
The greed in our tummies has made a few to amass for themselves what everyone should benefit,
God have mercy,


Ye ya, ye ya,
God bless Nigeria (*2)

National anthem (2nd vs).

Revelation – Lyrics

My heart desire is to know you more

My one desire is to be more like you

Our present generation yearns for a change,  but there can never be a real change without a change of heart

Only the word of God can make a sinner saint, Jesus Revelation can make the change so real


We need the Revelation, Revelation of jesus

God gives by his spirit to everyone who seek his face

Light and darkness can never dwell together

Whenever light steps in darkness must give way

Jesus christ is the light of the universe

Jesus Revelation will turn your night to day


We need the Revelation, Revelation of jesus

God gives by his spirit to everyone who seek his face (*4)

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