Chairman central Ruet-e-Hilal committee Mufti muneeb-ur-Rahman addresses the press in Karachi today. This press release was inline with the Eid-ul-Fitr celebration.



Countries around the world are getting ready to celebrate with the Muslims on a very important event. Eid-ul-Fitr to be celebrated on may 25th as moon couldn’t be sighted today. It is important that we take precautions and maintain social distancing.

Moon sighting:Muslim faithful prepares for Eid-Ul-Fitri celebration

India is going to celebrate Eid on Monday.

Moon sighting is underway in Pakistan,if they see it they will celebrate it.

In regards to the celebration,guidelines has been given during this lockdown


According to the Hanafi Fiqh, the conditions for Eid SALAH are the same as for Jumu’ah salah.However,the sermon is not a condition for Eid SALAH rather,it’s a Sunnah.One condition amongst it’s conditions is that the imam of Jumu’ah and Eid should be the Islamic ruler,or appointed by him;and where it is not possible to be so,then the one who has been chosen by the prominent Mufti or general muslim of that area to lead the Eid and Jumu’ah prayers can lead those prayers.

Therefore,in the current situation of lockdown,if there is such an imam available anywhere and he leads the Eid salah,then that salah will be valid, regardless of whether he leads it in a Masjid or another place for example field,park etc. And incase such an imam is not available,then it is not correct for a few people to gather in their home and carryout the Jama’at of Eid salah. In this case, people should rather offer four Rak’at of chaasht salah. The blessed scholars state that the one who couldn’t offer Eid salah, it’s mustahab for him to offer these Rak’ats(i.e.chaasht). It’s better to offer these four Rak’ats alone and if a few people of the house offer them in Jama’at even then there is no sin or harm in it.

Note: In regards to the prevailing situation ravaging the world,authorities in every part of the world have given the permission of Eid salah based on certain conditions, Muslims in that country should offer Eid salah with Jama’at while fulfilling those conditions and taking preventive measures against Corona virus

Saudi Arabia,UAE mosques to stay close for Eid prayers

We should stay away from shaking hands and hugging.we should follow government guidelines.