Read how FBI tracked hushpuppi through his google account (5 details)

Read how FBI tracked hushpuppi through his google account

Billionaire celebrity, Hushpuppi who is named Ramon Abbas was tracked down by the Federal Bureau Investigation. How FBI tracked hushpuppi through his google account. According to report released on friday after Abbas first court hearing, it was stated that Hushpuppi google account gave the clue to tracking him down to his hotel room in UAE.

Read how FBI tracked hushpuppi through his google account

FBI tracked hushpuppi through his google account

A raid that was carried out in June by the Dubai police in collaboration with federal bureau investigation (FBI) led to the arrest of popular social media extravagant billionaire known as Hushpuppi who was later transferred to the US authority for further investigation and prosecution.

Hushpuppi was arrested following several allegations of money laundry and fraud by him and his gang. He had his first court appearance in July where he was charged to fraud and money laundry.

In a document signed by Andrew Innocenti, a special agent of the FBI, three persons — Abbas, and two other persons — were charged of involving in fraudulent activities involving hundreds of millions of dollars from companies and individuals.

According to FBI investigation, messages between hushpuppi and his gang were recovered from his iPhone. Message from one of the gang requesting account to send funds realised from their fraudulent activities.

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How FBI tracked hushpuppi through his google account

Based on records from Instagram received in June 2020, the Instagram account was subscribed with the name “RAY,” the email address,, and the verified phone number +971502818689 (“Phone Number 2”),” the document read.

“The Instagram account was created on October 10, 2012, and recent account history from 2020 showed logins from Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses located in the U.A.E.2 (ABBAS lives in the U.A.E., based on information from his email and social media accounts, financial records, and internet research).

“Based on subscriber records from Snap Inc., the Snapchat account “Hushpuppi5” used the phone number +971565505984 (“Phone Number 3”) and the email address (i.e., the same email as the Instagram account).

“The Snapchat account used the display name “The Billionaire Gucci Master!!!,” which was the same Snapchat contact name saved in Coconspirator 1’s phone for the Snapchat account “Hushpuppi5.”

The document also gave details of records from Apple Inc., as well as his Gmail account, which showed invoices, tenancy contract, flight itinerary, Dubai visa, a Nigerian passport, among other documents all directly linked to Abbas.

The criminal complaint filed against hushpuppi can be downloaded here

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