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Hello welcome to my Business page!

What are the services we render?

  1. Professional website design and customization

Are you looking for a well developed website for your business or brands.

We offer you a list of websites to choose from or we can also create a Unique blog that suits your business.

Small scale website to professional website ranges from N10,000 to N50,000. Depending on how big your budget is, do not worry we’ll advise you on which of the packages is suitable for your business.


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Have you had a confused feeling of how you can start earning from your blog?

With just N7,000 You’ll get google Adsense running on your blog and you will start making cash. That is the joy of every blogger. Do not worry if you have unique content not, before we submit your url to adsense we will write unique content and structure out your pages to match adsense policy.

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You must be reading this if your ads units was blocked and you do not know how to fix it.

This article is available on the blog and other forums so if you’ve gone through the article and you want to get your ads unit back on your site. Please contact Us Now.

For this package we charge N7, 000 Only. It’s the cheapest you can get from any Adsense Professional.

What we do is reactive your ads Unit. Your ads will start showing on your website and you’ll be given another three attempts to verify your Id using any of these:

  1. National Id Card
  2. International Passport
  3. Driving Lincense

Please do not use any other Id apart from the three specified above.