Learn how to create a verified Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria that sends and receives money without restriction.

It is no news that PayPal has since placed a restriction on Nigerians accounts. We’re not restricted from using PayPal but there’s a certain limitation of our use of Paypal account in Nigeria.

You can create a verified Nigerian PayPal account, send money with it after linking your card but you cannot receive money with it.

There’s always a way out and today I’m going to show you a step by step guide on how you can actually create a Lesotho PayPal account here in Nigeria and still be able to send and receive money with it. No stress, no hard process. I have provided screenshots of all the steps you need to take in order to create your own Lesotho Paypal account in Nigeria.

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How to create a Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria 

Do not bother using VPN in this process. In fact, you do not need any illegal information or details to complete this process, just follow my guidelines.

Getting your Gmail prepared, opening a PayPal account

1. Create a Gmail or use an old Gmail account that is not already linked to a PayPal account. Make sure you’re using a Gmail not Yahoo mail

2. Using chrome browser or any other browser of your choice, open Go to https://www.paypal.com/ls/webapps/mpp/merchant

Or simply click on the link. It’ll load the official PayPal website in Lesotho. Remember you do not need a  VPN.

how to receive money with your Nigerian PayPal account

Signing up for a business account

Yes, you have to signup for a business account. There are two types of Paypal account which are

1. Personal account

2. Business account

But the business account has all the features you’ll need in your PayPal account. So choose the Business account and click on continue.

How to create a Lesotho PayPal account

The next page is where you enter your email address. Remember the email address I asked you to create in step one above? Right, you’re to fill in the email address accordingly, and please note you’re using your email address and it shouldn’t be linked with another PayPal account. If you have done that, click on next to proceed to the next page.

How to create a Lesotho PayPal account

Enter your personal information

On this page, you will be provided with a box where you’ll fill in your personal information.

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Yeah, I know what you’re thinking but relax! Use your personal information and not a copyright. This is important, make sure you fill in the box according to your bank details. Enter your legal first and last name.

1. Confirm the email that you have chosen

2. Enter your password, enter it again to confirm that it is correct

3. Enter your legal first and last name in the business name box. You can choose any business name

4. From the drop-down change the Country code to Nigeria’s code (+234)  and enter your mobile phone number without the preceding 0 (810224…)

5. Fill in your address. Use your house or office address. You can change the primary currency if you want

6. When done, click on Agree and Continue.

How to create a Lesotho PayPal account

Fill in your business details

On this page, you’re required to fill in your business details which include your business name, website, category, and subcategory.

Firstly, chose individual and if you have a business just fill in your business details in the form provided below, and if you don’t have a business, do not panic, just write anything in the business name, choose any category, and subcategory. You can leave the URL option blank and proceed to the next page.

How to create a Lesotho PayPal account

Submit your request

This is the last stage in the registration. Having completed all other tasks, click on submit to complete your Lesotho PayPal registration in Nigeria.

How to create a Lesotho PayPal account

Verifying your email address

Yes, you’re one step closer to owning your own Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria that you can send and receive money without any restriction.

The next thing to do now is open your Gmail, you’ll see a message from PayPal prompting you to verify your email address.

Setting up your account and linking your card

I’d love to tell you that you have just created your Lesotho PayPal account but there’s one more thing to do before you can send and receive money with your account.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to link your card. It is compulsory to link your card to your PayPal account because that is what you’ll use to shop or buy items online.

After confirming your email, click o account setup from your dashboard, ignore other information and click on the settings icon shown in the image below, click on the  link, and confirm credit or debit card. Follow the prompt and link your account.

How to create a Lesotho PayPal account

See the complete guide on how to link your card to your PayPal account


  1. I had issues with link my bank and card with my account, even though I have verified my gmail. Pls I implore Afrokit to bring the solution nigh

    • Hello Dedamz,
      You can continue to link your card (ATM) preferably master card.
      To link your bank account, you can only link a US bank account. Get a Payoneer account which comes with a US bank account. Or you can withdraw your cash by other means


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