how to receive money with your Nigerian PayPal account

PayPal is an online money transfer portal which is also available in mobile apps. it is one of the fastest and reliable means to transfer money from one country to the other.

PayPal boast of complete security – you’ll get notified within 24 hrs of suspicious activity on your account.

fast checkout – You don’t have to add your details anytime you want to perform a transaction, it is a one time form you will be prompted to add during sign up. once you have linked your credit card or debit card, you will be able to use your PayPal account to shop or pay for bills online without any stress.

keep your reward – According to PayPal terms of usage, you will be rewarded according to the number of transactions you perform with your PayPal account.

how to register PayPal account in Nigeria

If you are familiar with internet money transfer, then you would agree with me that PayPal has long placed a limit on Nigerians account. This does not mean you can’t register a PayPal account in Nigeria, but you are restricted to only sending money with your account or shopping online using your PayPal account that is already linked to your bank Debit card.

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the restriction placed on Nigerians and some other African countries is due to the high level of fraudulent activities coming from Nigeria. up till this this time of writing this post, the ban has not been lifted however, PayPal allow Nigerians to use the service for payment option only.

how to receive money with your Nigerian PayPal account

Learn how to open a PayPal account that receives money in Nigeria – read post to the end.

To register a Nigerian PayPal account

There are two types of PayPal account available for registration

  • Personal PayPal account
  • Business PayPal account

just as it sounds, personal PayPal account is for personal use while the business account is for business organisation with business card. If you are a beginner I would suggest you click on the personal PayPal account as it would be very easy and friendly to fill in the details of this option.

See other means to send and receive money in Nigeria

Register PayPal account on PayPal website

  1. from your browser, go to
  2. Click on signup
  3. a new page will be loaded with form to feel “Send and receive money with speed of light”
  4. Fill the form accordingly with your details, make sure the email is correct
  5. Fill in your first name, last name, create and confirm password. make sure your details are correspondent with your business name if you clicked on the business account above.
  6. Verify your email address by clicking on the email sent to you from PayPal
  7. Another page is loaded where you fill in your debit card details. fill the debit card option accordingly
  8. type in your debit card digit located at the back of your ATM card usually 15 digits for most banks but can defer with your bank
  9. fill in the expiring date and CSV number
  10. PayPal will perform a debit check on your account. some certain amount of money is debited from your account but relax, it will be refunded almost immediately. This step is to confirm if your account is valid and your card is linked to your bank.
  11. Boom! your PayPal account is ready and you can start shopping and paying for bills online.

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Register PayPal account using a Wallet

Some banks in Nigeria have an inbuilt option in their app to open a PayPal account easily. you should use this option if you don’t want to fill much form like the above step.

Nigerian bank like First Bank Nigeria have the option to open a PayPal account directly from their mobile app

  1. Open your First Bank Mobile App
  2. Click on the Menu and select “PayPal wallet” create PayPal wallet
  3. confirm the Token key sent to your phone number
  4. select the debit card you want to link to your PayPal account
  5. create and confirm password
  6. Open your email box you used to create your bank account and confirm the that you signed up for PayPal wallet with your bank
  7. Boom! you are ready t use your PayPal account

Send and receive money with Lesotho PayPal account in Nigeria

How to receive money with your Nigerian PayPal account

Having read how to register a standard Nigerian PayPal account using the PayPal website or using a First Bank Wallet, the question still remains how do I receive money with my Nigerian PayPal account?

Many Nigerians outside the country have wondered how the could easily send money to their families, kids or staffs. PayPal is one of the fastest means to send money online and companies, shops explore this option to pay their staff and receive bills respectively.

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As I have earlier explained, PayPal has placed a limit on Nigerians account. you are allowed to register PayPal and send money with your linked account and shop online or pay bills however, you are restricted to not receiving money with your Nigerian PayPal account.

There is a way you can receive money to your local bank account in Nigerian directly from your PayPal account!

how to receive money with your Nigerian PayPal account

How to register verified PayPal account in Nigeria

To register PayPal account in Nigeria and receive money with it

  1. go to or (for South Africa) or
  2. You can register with any of the above links of your choice but, I will recommend Lesotho for this tutorial purpose
  3. Register with your email address, make sure the email is not linked to another paypal account
  4. fill in your password, name accordingly. use your name
  5. fill in your address. relax, use your home address and phone number.
  6. lastly make sure to use your details and do not use VPN

How to use PayPal to send and receive money in Nigeria

How to verify Nigeria PayPal account

After registering your lesotho PayPal with your Nigerian details, remember not to use VPN nor fake details. next PayPal will prompt you to verify your account by sending a verification link to your email address. click on the link and verify your account.

How to use PayPal to send and receive money in Nigeria

How to receive money with PayPal account

This is not a hard step if you have successfully created a Lesotho PayPal account as instructed above. To receive money with your Nigerian account, give out the email address you used to create your PayPal account to company or individual that wants to send you money through PayPal. that is all you need to get your cash.

PayPal will send you an email notifying you that you have received money from the address that sent it.

How to create payment link on Paypal

why do you need to create a payment link with your payment account? if you are a seller or a business person and you want to receive payment via PayPal, you don’t have to send just your email address to the buyers. they could type any amount they want by using the above method. but what if you want to give out a fixed price?

To do this, head to your PayPal account and click on settings icon and follow the prompt to create a PayPal profile

To create payment link in your PayPal Account just head

How to send money with PayPal account

This is the easiest and final step of them all. to send money with your PayPal account just simply head to your PayPal account and type in the email address you want to send money to and the amount.

but first you must have created your verified PayPal account and has also verified the account. linking your debit card.

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