5 best ways to send money to Africa

5 best ways to send money to Africa

How to send money to Africa

Africa is a populated country with over 1.3 billion people living in it. According to the worldometer Africa population is 1,335,094,512 according to the United State predicts in April 20200.


The subregions in Africa with the highest population of western African, Eastern African, and Southern African.


Money transfer in these populated regions has always been treated with utmost interest. Many mobile transfer companies have provided a platform to send and receive money in Africa, not only can you send and receive within Africa, you can also send money out of the country.


But what is the ease of sending money to Africa?

Are there reliable platforms to send and receive money even in unpopulated African countries?


How to send money to Africa
How to send money from Africa
Send money online in Africa
10 Best Apps to send money in Africa


How to send money to Africa

Africa is not just one of the largest continent in the world, money transaction in Africa and other places around the world has emerged over the years and it is considered one of the trends in the 21st century following the cashless policies laid down by some countries.

But how can you send money to Africa?

  • Send money to Africa – Transferwise

  • Transferwise is an online money sender website, trusted and reliable. Thousands of transfer coming from US, UK, China coming into African countries are carried out with transferwise

Transferwise does not hide their charges and it’s determined according to foreign exchange by Reuters.

5 best ways to send money to Africa

  • Send money to Africa with Paypal

Paypal is a fast money transfer app available for both android and iOs devices. 

Over the years PayPal has dominated money transfer. Paypal uses only email address, that is you only need the receiver email to send them money. It is also easy to register. 

Cons of PayPal transfer to Africa is that most countries in Africa can’t receive money with their PayPal account but can send regardless. Nigeria PayPal service for sending money was restricted due to high fraudulent activities coming from the country – according to PayPal report.

However, countries like Lesotho and South Africa enjoy PayPal service.

5 best ways to send money to Africa

  • Write a cheque

you can write a cheque for yourself especially if you’re in the US, the UK then head over to African banks and cash out your money.

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Simply withdraw the money with an ATM card when you send it with Cheque.

The advantage of cheque book is that you can put money directly into your African bank account without doing any further transfer

  • Local bank money transfer

Popular banks like UBA money transfer is located in many African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, SA, and a lot more. 

UBA provides a smooth, fast and reliable money transfer process

The united bank for Africa has many transfer processes installed for ease. Not just UBA but other banks in Africa, you can transfer and receive the money within and across Africa.

Most of these fast and reliable money transfer are

Money Gram – Transfer money in Africa. 

Features of money gram transfer are numerous and there is a lot of benefit of using money gram.

With money Gram, you can send money to any bank in Africa or across Africa with only a few details of the receiver. 

Features of money gram

  • Save up to $2 when you send money to international countries 
  • The recurring payment is now available. 

Ease of salary or allowance sending method to employes or kids oversees 

  • Fast Money Transfer and reliability 

Western Union – International money transfer

I would recommend western union as one of the reliable means of money transfer in Africa. I use it to receive and send money to my Nephew oversees.

Western Union operates in over 200 countries and readily have over 500,000 agents worldwide.

To use western union, visit any local bank in your city and request a western union form for either transfer on receive. It is also available in mobile transfer and online transfer.

How to send money from Africa

Now that you’ve seen that you can send money in Africa, how can you send money from Africa?

Sending money from Africa to other countries is not a popular trend. In most cases, money is sent into African Countries.

South Africa 🇿🇦 do most transactions in Africa than any other country in Africa. The charges applied to money sent into and out of South Africa is much more than the limit of transfer charges.

5 Best ways to send money from Africa

  1. Transferwise 

not only can transferwise send money out of Africa, but it is also one of the best online platforms to send money into any African country.

At transferwise, they boast of no hidden charges. All charges for transfer are boldly displayed according to exchange rate.

2. Send money from Africa with PayPal 

 again you can use Paypal to send money from any country in Africa including Nigeria and South Africa.

PayPal transfer is possible in any country, even in countries restricted from receiving money with PayPal, however, you’re allowed to send via PayPal.

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Why should you use PayPal to send money?

The demand for services from companies outside Africa is outrageous and Africans can not do without paying for these services.

But the big problem here is the fact that you can’t do a bank transfer to companies outside Africa. Most of these companies prefer payment via PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire transfer.

How to send money with Bitcoin 

Bitcoin is far the most trending forex marketing strategy. Not only has bitcoin emerged but it has also helped a lot of people trading bitcoin online to make real cool cash from their wallet.

Bitcoin trade is a regular thing in the world right now and many governments have advised their citizens to invest in bitcoin.

There are several apps to send and receive bitcoin to your local bank account. 

  • Cash app – You can send and receive money with cash app, I’ll discuss more on cash app later on this article. 

steps to withdraw or send  Bitcoin with Cash app

  • Open you Cash app
  • Open the banking tab on your cash app home screen
  • Navigate to bitcoin
  • Scan a QR code or enter a wallet ID to send or receive 
  1. Luno 
  2. Remitano – this is a perfect platform for trading bitcoin in Nigeria
  3. PayPal – you can buy and sell bitcoin with your PayPal account
  4. Coinbase

How to send money with wire transfer

Wire transfer is an electronic transfer service. They are connected to almost all banks across the world and working persistently for easy and secure transfer.

Wire transfer works like money Gram and Western Union. They also boast of over 500,000 agents across the globe. 

To use Transferwise, login to their official website, select the region you’re sending money to and provide details of the recipient. Cash deposit is also available at agent shops and most banks just like Western Union and Money Gram

Send money online to Africa

Sending money to African countries like South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria is a daily routine thing especially in the US, the UK. 

But why send money to Africa?

Millions of residents in the US, UK, China, and other foreign countries are blacks, emanating from African countries.

They take care of their need at home, send money to take of their family, kids, and even build houses here in Africa for themselves. 

One pressing need why people send money to Africa is the fact that the currency value here is low compared to dollars and other foreign currencies. Sending money home is a necessary option!

Why send money online?

Seriously? Why do I have to send money online? 

What if I fall into the hands of scammers.

If you know exactly how to send money overseas using an online platform you wouldn’t fall prey to any internet scammer.

Here is a list of some trusted online platform to send money

  1.  PayPal
  2. Transferwise
  3. Money Gram
  4. Western Union
  5. Cash app
  6. Neteller
  7. Worldremit
  8. Ria money transfer
  9. Xoom
  10. Wire transfer

There are several ways to send money online across the world and most of them are readily available online and on their mobile apps.

I’ve listed the popular ones here. The problem here is not all these apps work in African Countries, some countries are restricted from receiving money with some online platform and most African countries.

Nonetheless, you can send money online to any African country using 

  1. Money Gram
  2. Western Union
  3. Ria money transfer
  4. Wire transfer

the next section will tell you the best apps you can use to transfer money online.

10 Best apps to send money to Africa

There are several ways to send money in and out of Africa but trust me if you are not using a mobile app, then it gets a little stressful and consumes more time. some mobile transfer apps are being configured wit the best database system to store users last incomplete transactions.

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10 best apps to send money to Africa

  1. PayPal
  2. Worldremit
  3. Xoom
  4. Western Union
  5. Skrill
  6. Bitcoin
  7. UBA mobile app – In African countries
  8. Azimo
  9. Money Gram
  10. Payoneer
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