Hushpuppi to face 20 years in prison if convicted

Hushpuppi to face 20 years in prison if convicted

Popular social media extravagant billionaire Hushpuppi who was arrested by the Dubai police in a sensitive operation carried out in Dubai has been handed over to the US authority over several fraudulent charges.

Hushpuppi to face 20 years in prison if convicted

The US authority will charge Hushpuppi to 20 year in prison maximum if convicted

Mr Raymond Abbas, 37 years old Nigerian who was resident in Dubai popularly known as Hushpuppi has been arraigned by the Dubai police. The US government has addressed the issue stating that Hushpuppi could get a jail sentence of 20 years maximum if he’s convicted.

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Hushpuppi who is known for living extravagant life and flaunting it on social media has bemen charged for several fraudulent activities. There is no sentence yet and we’re hoping to bring the news to you as soon as it is announced.

The Dubai police carried out an intensive raid on an hotel where Mr Ramon is said to have lodged with his gang. Hushpuppi was arrested alongside his gang and were all taken to the Dubai police until they were handed over to the US authority.

He made his first appearance in a U.S court, Friday morning, in Chicago, according to a press release from the U.S Department of Justice.

He will be transfered to Los Angeles in the coming days for further investigations.

The US government has filed an afidavit on Hushpuppi. They claimed he and his gang has been looting public and private money from individuals og the United states and other countries.

Hushpuppi and his gang may be responsible for a number of fraudulent activities, using the internet to steal money from individuals and companies.

US authority, FBI addressed Hushpuppi and his gang as internet fraudstars. They steal millions from big organizations. They create cloned sites and deceive people to their cloned sites in other to collect their credit card details and steal their money thereby, causing hectic loss and panic amongst individuals and companies.

FBI says Hushpuppi is funding is extravagant lifestyle on social media from stolen money he and his gang stole from companies and individuals.

The operation was carried out by the FBI and was accompanied by the United states secret service. The US authority thank the Dubai, Until ted Arab Emirate police for their support..

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